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Tips: Producing 101

So you want to be a producer. That’s great! That means that you are a natural problem solver and leader. A fixer is what many call us! Here are a few tips that will help you get your head in the game.

A few years ago in Miami, producing a video shoot for Motion Family.

You are the expert: Producers are the resident experts on productions. We know the most about the production process from A to Z. It’s really important that you understand the roles of all key players, crew members and your area of production from ideation to delivery. Plus you won’t understand how well your production is going if you don’t understand the full process. Continuously study and research.

The buck stops with you: If someone needs to take the blame or make a final decision it’s going to be you. Always stay in a problem-solving mindset. You should always have plans A, B, C, D, E etc. lined up and be prepared to pivot quickly. Don’t waste time or money going taking the production in the wrong direction. Don’t be stubborn.

Communication is a major key: Always be clear, concise and put everythng in writing. Communicate about money and payout dates within the first conversation. That usually relieves the elephant in the room.

Respect everyone: So that means no yelling at grown folks. No one likes that. Your reputation proceeds you so always operate with integrity and honesty.

Technology never works when you need it to: So plan ahead. Printout papers and presentations the night before you need them. Know how to access backup software and hardware in case your team needs it.

Hire strong team members: Strive to work with the people that are professional, most knowledgeable and are excellent at their respective roles. “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”

Feed the crew well: Feed them well and feed the hot meals during lunch. Trust me on this.

Be on time.

Hire people who respect you.

Enjoy the process. It’s ok to pivot. If producing doesn’t make you happy, find something else that does. Being happy at work drives many of my decisions.

Connect: Setup meetings with your local film office, location managers, key crew members, writers etc. Connecting with people before you work with them helps to establish the working relationship and helps everyone to be on the same page once a project is on deck.

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