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March 23 #BingeWorthy list

While quarantining and chilling, be sure to check out my latest and greatest projects. I’ll be doing a binge worth list of network and indie films as well. Enjoy! xoxo

  • Dating App, watch here: Wonderful short film directed by yours truly. Based on my real life experience. (I used my Uncle’s voice at the end)
  • Reclaiming Nappy, watch here: My first short film. It’s a celebration and documentary about natural hair. (My mom is the mom in the movie).
  • Uncle Poochie, watch here: My family has always been my muse so I loved doing the first of many photo and video shoots on my Uncle Poochie.

Coming Soon

  • Damion: This was actually a tv pitch but I decided that I’m going to go ahead and release it as a series on my Youtube channel so be sure to subscribe here.
  • We Shine: I filmed this a few months ago but now I finally have the courage to re-edit it. I hated the first edit. I usually always hate the first edit on my films so I’ll take some time away to get re-inspired and revise the edit with a fresh pair of eyes and ideas.

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