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Free Classes During Quarantine

I research and read tons of articles everyday so I decided that I’ll start sharing cool or informative information and facts. Many companies are doing everything that they can to help their industry during these crazy times. Here are a few FREE media and film courses that I’ve found online.


Nikon is offering free photography classes until April 30th.

Entertainment Partners is offering their Production Accounting 101 course to all freelancers for free until May 15th.

I’m offering all of my courses as Buy One, Get One Free as long as we are quarantined.

Game development company Unity just announced that they are offering their Unity Learn Premium platform for free for the next 3 months in response to the current crisis. This includes their Create with Code Live class where you can learn how to use the C# programming language to develop games. 

Class Central, compiled a list of more than 400 college classes that are available. I’m super interested in the art & design courses.

Yale is offering it’s more popular course, The Science of Well Being, for free.

This isn’t a course but GumRoad is offering a pack of dope, black illustrations.

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