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Facebook Watch SEEN at SUNDANCE 2019

Last Oct./Nov I worked as a producer on back-to-back projects that were literally only one day apart: Apple Commercial/ Usher video/ Sicko Mode video/ 21 Savage video/ Teyana video/ Usher video. But during that time something really special happened but I was too busy to share it. ✨@facebook and @instagram came to Atlanta and selected 6 directors that they wanted to do a one-on-one workshop with and I was one of the 6. 🤗 It was and still is an amazing opportunity and thank you so much for acknowledging the hard work that I put into my first film, @reclaimingnappy.

Then the amazing team at Facebook/ Instagram told me that they were showing @reclaimingnappy at #Sundance for their @seen panel. I immediately booked a flight to come. (Even though I had a fresh chemical peel on my face😩). I’m still in shock that the film that I procrastinated on doing brought me to Sundance! Boi, God is good!!! And thank you everyone for sending the encouraging words. I really needed it bc I was extremely nervous. And to add a cherry on top, Facebook featured my film on Facebook Watch during black history month! So cool!

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