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The Future Is Female

I’m super excited to have a producer on episode 12 of The Know for OwnTv. And I’m even more excited that I booked a 90% female crew! I usually try to book a lot of women on my sets but it’s never been 90%. These dynamic women were all the cream of the crop! As producer and director, I always know that I’m the “plug” and it feels great being able to pay it forward but I’m about to take it to another level. My sets will be 70%+ female sets going forward! #WhyNot #WhoGoneCheckMeBoo#PayItForward 

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My first videography workshop!

Let’s Get Comfortable: Shooting

Our first #LetsGetComfortable workshop was a success!  This is my first year not taking interns or mentees because honestly being a daily teacher, motivator, and accountability partner for so many is exhausting. It’s really been a joy concentrating back on my directors portfolio. But I still love teaching and empowering so I came up with a series called #LetsGetComfortable. This Saturday I’ll be teaching videography but in future ones I’ll teach editing, photography etc. Thank you soooo much to the partners who believe in this idea as well @wiftatlanta @aperturent @generalassembly @samfrankprod✨🎥 And I’m excited that these dynamic cinematographers @urban.scope@lara.aqel for being a part!

Thank you @ashalynnn @fearlesslynaira @makteezy @its.damiong and @respect.theshooter and all of the amazing attendees that spent 6 hours learning the basics of cinematography! 

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