Quarantine & Learn is a hit!

It’s been a blessing to still be working with major brands during this crazy season of quarantining. And that’s mainly because I’m an editor, vfx supervisor and content creator. But it makes me sad to see so many creatives out of work and stagnant. So I created a post on Instagram and Facebook asking creatives if they were interested in me doing online courses. Their response was resounding “Yes!”


So I quickly created online courses and decided to do one week of FREE, 30 minute consultations. Within two day, I booked 3 classes and 30 free consultations. Wow! It’s been gratifying to share words of encouragement with everyone and I’m super excited about where this new path takes me.

Register for one of my live courses here. All courses are Buy One, Get One Free as long as we are quarantined.


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Nappy hair series

Last year, I was a little upset that people didn’t believe that I was so creative or that I’ve been directing longer than I’ve been producing. Then I had to look at myself and say “well you don’t post any of your creative work so how would they know?” Since then, I challenged myself to show my creatively in every post, every text, every thought because that’s what I naturally do with my family. This nappy hair series is a part of the marketing for my first short documentary, Reclaiming Nappy. I figured it’s important for people get that same message in different forms. I used to braid hair in high school and college and would sometimes braid the person’s name into their hair. This photo series made me super happy and happiness is ALWAYS my number 1 priority.

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