Free Classes During Quarantine

I research and read tons of articles everyday so I decided that I’ll start sharing cool or informative information and facts. Many companies are doing everything that they can to help their industry during these crazy times. Here are a few FREE media and film courses that I’ve found online.


Nikon is offering free photography classes until April 30th.

Entertainment Partners is offering their Production Accounting 101 course to all freelancers for free until May 15th.

I’m offering all of my courses as Buy One, Get One Free as long as we are quarantined.

Game development company Unity just announced that they are offering their Unity Learn Premium platform for free for the next 3 months in response to the current crisis. This includes their Create with Code Live class where you can learn how to use the C# programming language to develop games. 

Class Central, compiled a list of more than 400 college classes that are available. I’m super interested in the art & design courses.

Yale is offering it’s more popular course, The Science of Well Being, for free.

This isn’t a course but GumRoad is offering a pack of dope, black illustrations.

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Tips: Producing 101

So you want to be a producer. That’s great! That means that you are a natural problem solver and leader. A fixer is what many call us! Here are a few tips that will help you get your head in the game.

A few years ago in Miami, producing a video shoot for Motion Family.

You are the expert: Producers are the resident experts on productions. We know the most about the production process from A to Z. It’s really important that you understand the roles of all key players, crew members and your area of production from ideation to delivery. Plus you won’t understand how well your production is going if you don’t understand the full process. Continuously study and research.

The buck stops with you: If someone needs to take the blame or make a final decision it’s going to be you. Always stay in a problem-solving mindset. You should always have plans A, B, C, D, E etc. lined up and be prepared to pivot quickly. Don’t waste time or money going taking the production in the wrong direction. Don’t be stubborn.

Communication is a major key: Always be clear, concise and put everythng in writing. Communicate about money and payout dates within the first conversation. That usually relieves the elephant in the room.

Respect everyone: So that means no yelling at grown folks. No one likes that. Your reputation proceeds you so always operate with integrity and honesty.

Technology never works when you need it to: So plan ahead. Printout papers and presentations the night before you need them. Know how to access backup software and hardware in case your team needs it.

Hire strong team members: Strive to work with the people that are professional, most knowledgeable and are excellent at their respective roles. “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”

Feed the crew well: Feed them well and feed the hot meals during lunch. Trust me on this.

Be on time.

Hire people who respect you.

Enjoy the process. It’s ok to pivot. If producing doesn’t make you happy, find something else that does. Being happy at work drives many of my decisions.

Connect: Setup meetings with your local film office, location managers, key crew members, writers etc. Connecting with people before you work with them helps to establish the working relationship and helps everyone to be on the same page once a project is on deck.

My Resources & Favs:

xoxo @MayaTable

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Quarantine & Learn is a hit!

It’s been a blessing to still be working with major brands during this crazy season of quarantining. And that’s mainly because I’m an editor, vfx supervisor and content creator. But it makes me sad to see so many creatives out of work and stagnant. So I created a post on Instagram and Facebook asking creatives if they were interested in me doing online courses. Their response was resounding “Yes!”


So I quickly created online courses and decided to do one week of FREE, 30 minute consultations. Within two day, I booked 3 classes and 30 free consultations. Wow! It’s been gratifying to share words of encouragement with everyone and I’m super excited about where this new path takes me.

Register for one of my live courses here. All courses are Buy One, Get One Free as long as we are quarantined.


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My first videography workshop!

Let’s Get Comfortable: Shooting

Our first #LetsGetComfortable workshop was a success!  This is my first year not taking interns or mentees because honestly being a daily teacher, motivator, and accountability partner for so many is exhausting. It’s really been a joy concentrating back on my directors portfolio. But I still love teaching and empowering so I came up with a series called #LetsGetComfortable. This Saturday I’ll be teaching videography but in future ones I’ll teach editing, photography etc. Thank you soooo much to the partners who believe in this idea as well @wiftatlanta @aperturent @generalassembly @samfrankprod✨🎥 And I’m excited that these dynamic cinematographers @urban.scope@lara.aqel for being a part!

Thank you @ashalynnn @fearlesslynaira @makteezy @its.damiong and @respect.theshooter and all of the amazing attendees that spent 6 hours learning the basics of cinematography! 

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