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Facebook Watch SEEN at SUNDANCE 2019

Last Oct./Nov I worked as a producer on back-to-back projects that were literally only one day apart: Apple Commercial/ Usher video/ Sicko Mode video/ 21 Savage video/ Teyana video/ Usher video. But during that time something really special happened but I was too busy to share it. ✨@facebook and @instagram came to Atlanta and selected 6 directors that they wanted to do a one-on-one workshop with and I was one of the 6. 🤗 It was and still is an amazing opportunity and thank you so much for acknowledging the hard work that I put into my first film, @reclaimingnappy.

Then the amazing team at Facebook/ Instagram told me that they were showing @reclaimingnappy at #Sundance for their @seen panel. I immediately booked a flight to come. (Even though I had a fresh chemical peel on my face😩). I’m still in shock that the film that I procrastinated on doing brought me to Sundance! Boi, God is good!!! And thank you everyone for sending the encouraging words. I really needed it bc I was extremely nervous. And to add a cherry on top, Facebook featured my film on Facebook Watch during black history month! So cool!

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Nappy hair series

Last year, I was a little upset that people didn’t believe that I was so creative or that I’ve been directing longer than I’ve been producing. Then I had to look at myself and say “well you don’t post any of your creative work so how would they know?” Since then, I challenged myself to show my creatively in every post, every text, every thought because that’s what I naturally do with my family. This nappy hair series is a part of the marketing for my first short documentary, Reclaiming Nappy. I figured it’s important for people get that same message in different forms. I used to braid hair in high school and college and would sometimes braid the person’s name into their hair. This photo series made me super happy and happiness is ALWAYS my number 1 priority.

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