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March 30 #MayasBingeWorthy List

While quarantining and chilling, be sure to check out some shows and movies and left an impression with me. And of course I had to plug my own films 🙂 Lmk which films or shows you’ve seen and your thoughts after you’ve watched. xoxo

  • All American on Netflix: I just started watching this based on recommendations from a few people so I’ll have an update next week.
  • Queen Sono on Netflix: I give this a B+. When people have asked about my thoughts on this series, I usually say “It’s super straight! I enjoyed watching it. I give some many shows my viewership so I definitely wanted to give my viewership to a show that stars people of color”.
  • I’m Not Ok With This on Netflix: I was initially reluctant to watch this because I didn’t want to watch another cliche high school show about the privileged lives of white kids. And I was also annoyed that it reminded me of Stranger Things. But a friend convinced me to give it a chance and I’m glad I did! The writing feels fresh and the characters are familiar but with a twist. I’m excited to see what Season 2 has to offer because I need answers! lol
  • Carnival Row on Amazon Prime: Another show that I slept on because the trailer looked a bit cliche. I’m glad I tuned into this magical and gritty piece of art. The actors, makeup and set design are spectacular on this show!
  • Between Two Ferns on Netflix: Need a good laugh? Watch this. I was so tickled by Zach Galifianakis’ performance in this film that I watched more “Between Two Ferns” interviews on the Funny Or Die Youtube channel.
  • Uncorked on Netflix: I watched this because it was set in my hometown of Memphis, Tn. It’s a sweet film with great family dialogue.
  • The Last Black Man In San Francisco on Amazon Prime: When I saw this film I thought “damn, this looks like a film that I would have made!” Needless to say I loved it. And the cinematography was amazing.
  • Late Expectations on Youtube: This short is by an indie filmmaker named Laurie Arakaki. It was featured last year as on of Issa Rae’s short film selections of the month. It’s a charming coming of age story.
  • Blue Magic on Youtube: This was director Ashleigh Jadee’s first short film and I’m a fan! This film beautiful short about embracing natural hair.

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March 23 #BingeWorth list

While quarantining and chilling, be sure to check out my latest and greatest projects. I’ll be doing a binge worth list of network and indie films as well. Enjoy! xoxo

  • Dating App, watch here: Wonderful short film directed by yours truly. Based on my real life experience. (I used my Uncle’s voice at the end)
  • Reclaiming Nappy, watch here: My first short film. It’s a celebration and documentary about natural hair. (My mom is the mom in the movie).
  • Uncle Poochie, watch here: My family has always been my muse so I loved doing the first of many photo and video shoots on my Uncle Poochie.

Coming Soon

  • Damion: This was actually a tv pitch but I decided that I’m going to go ahead and release it as a series on my Youtube channel so be sure to subscribe here.
  • We Shine: I filmed this a few months ago but now I finally have the courage to re-edit it. I hated the first edit. I usually always hate the first edit on my films so I’ll take some time away to get re-inspired and revise the edit with a fresh pair of eyes and ideas.

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Facebook Watch SEEN at SUNDANCE 2019

Last Oct./Nov I worked as a producer on back-to-back projects that were literally only one day apart: Apple Commercial/ Usher video/ Sicko Mode video/ 21 Savage video/ Teyana video/ Usher video. But during that time something really special happened but I was too busy to share it. ✨@facebook and @instagram came to Atlanta and selected 6 directors that they wanted to do a one-on-one workshop with and I was one of the 6. 🤗 It was and still is an amazing opportunity and thank you so much for acknowledging the hard work that I put into my first film, @reclaimingnappy.

Then the amazing team at Facebook/ Instagram told me that they were showing @reclaimingnappy at #Sundance for their @seen panel. I immediately booked a flight to come. (Even though I had a fresh chemical peel on my face😩). I’m still in shock that the film that I procrastinated on doing brought me to Sundance! Boi, God is good!!! And thank you everyone for sending the encouraging words. I really needed it bc I was extremely nervous. And to add a cherry on top, Facebook featured my film on Facebook Watch during black history month! So cool!

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Nappy hair series

Last year, I was a little upset that people didn’t believe that I was so creative or that I’ve been directing longer than I’ve been producing. Then I had to look at myself and say “well you don’t post any of your creative work so how would they know?” Since then, I challenged myself to show my creatively in every post, every text, every thought because that’s what I naturally do with my family. This nappy hair series is a part of the marketing for my first short documentary, Reclaiming Nappy. I figured it’s important for people get that same message in different forms. I used to braid hair in high school and college and would sometimes braid the person’s name into their hair. This photo series made me super happy and happiness is ALWAYS my number 1 priority.

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The Future Is Female

I’m super excited to have a producer on episode 12 of The Know for OwnTv. And I’m even more excited that I booked a 90% female crew! I usually try to book a lot of women on my sets but it’s never been 90%. These dynamic women were all the cream of the crop! As producer and director, I always know that I’m the “plug” and it feels great being able to pay it forward but I’m about to take it to another level. My sets will be 70%+ female sets going forward! #WhyNot #WhoGoneCheckMeBoo#PayItForward 

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My first videography workshop!

Let’s Get Comfortable: Shooting

Our first #LetsGetComfortable workshop was a success!  This is my first year not taking interns or mentees because honestly being a daily teacher, motivator, and accountability partner for so many is exhausting. It’s really been a joy concentrating back on my directors portfolio. But I still love teaching and empowering so I came up with a series called #LetsGetComfortable. This Saturday I’ll be teaching videography but in future ones I’ll teach editing, photography etc. Thank you soooo much to the partners who believe in this idea as well @wiftatlanta @aperturent @generalassembly @samfrankprod✨🎥 And I’m excited that these dynamic cinematographers @urban.scope@lara.aqel for being a part!

Thank you @ashalynnn @fearlesslynaira @makteezy @its.damiong and @respect.theshooter and all of the amazing attendees that spent 6 hours learning the basics of cinematography! 

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